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What are cookies

These are small files, usually made up of letters and numbers, which are downloaded to a device when accessing websites. They are used to make Web sites work more efficiently. Cookies are created when the browser Of a user loads a particular website. The Web site sends information to the browser, which in turn creates a text file. Each time a user accesses the Web site, the browser retrieves and sends this file to the website server. Cookies are used to perform various functions, including collecting user information and storing their preferences, Use of online shopping carts and, in general, facilitate browsing the web site.

We use cookies to perform certain functions, such as:

    Make it easier to navigate the Web site and use its features to let you do things uninterrupted;
    Improve our website;
    Offer you more customized features while browsing the Web site;
    Offer targeted advertising messages;
    Gather information about your use of our website to provide you with a better experience by storing the areas of your site that are most relevant to your subsequent visits.

The following is the list of cookies:

Type 1: Cookies strictly needed

These types of cookies are necessary for browsing the Web site and using its features, which include access to the protected area without the need to log on and store the transactions you performed on each page during A session ..

NOTE: Without these cookies we can not guarantee the performance of our website or online protection during sessions.

Type 2: performance cookies

Performance cookies, mostly Google Analytics cookies, are used to gather information about how users use our website. The information collected relates to the web page part that is selected, the number of pages Visit, duration of each session, and error messages if displayed, in order to improve our site and offer users a better experience. For more information about Google Analytics, click here.

Sometimes, information about how we use our website may be collected using other cookies that are similar to those of Google Analytics. Although information collected through the use of these cookies may include the user's IP address and domain and browser data, this information is collected and analyzed in anonymous and aggregated form.

Type 3: Feature Cookies

Feature cookies allow us to store choices made by users on our site, such as username, password, language, and preferences. Thanks to this information, we can offer our users more customized features while browsing the site.

Type 4: targeted cookies and advertisements

These cookies are used on our site to provide users with the advertising messages that might interest you most. They collect and store information about user activity on our site, such as visited pages, selected links and items, navigation habits, and so on. Additionally, they can detect users' travels to other websites to limit the number of advertisements or prevent them from repetition on the site and evaluate the effectiveness of the advertisements in order to offer you a better experience.

In addition, some of these cookies may be stored on your computer and used by third parties, subject to prior authorization, for advertising purposes. This condition occurs when the site you are visiting includes content displayed on a third-party website or when you select the "Share" button on our site and your computer receives cookies from third parties. Such third parties include social media providers like Facebook and YouTube, and Reevoo, the social commerce site and consumer reviews that provide services to us and our users. These cookies allow third parties to collect and store information about user preferences and visited pages for advertising purposes and for improving their services. Keep in mind that we can not enforce any third party cookies and therefore we are not responsible for it. To learn about third party cookie criteria, check out the respective Web sites.



How to block cookies

You can block cookies by changing your browser settings. If you agree to use our cookies, but you decide to block them later, you can delete cookies and modify your browser settings to block other cookies. For more information about checking cookies, visit

Which provide information about the most popular browser management settings.

Turning off anonymous Google Analytics cookies: You can install the Google Analytics browser plug-in to prevent your website from sending information about your visit to Google Analytics. For more information, visit:

NOTE: Since cookies are designed to improve or allow the use and processing of our Web site, blocking or deleting them may prevent users from using the features of our site or causing them to run differently than the one they were using conceived.

Use of policy management; Cookie Policy Changes:

Cookie criteria must be written in several languages. In the event that there is an inconsistency between the English version of the cookie and other languages, the English version prevails over the other. The conditions of these cookie criteria determine the use of cookies and all information collected during their use, with the exception of third-party cookies. To the extent permitted by current legislation, Grp Synthesizer S.r.l reserves the right to change cookie criteria at any time. Therefore, we encourage you to periodically check for updates on our website. Changes to the cookie policy become effective as they are published on our website.